My experience in the form of a success story is quite a unique one -one that brought me into the presence of a gifted and talented physical therapist, Sarah Kapp. On the rebound from surgery to repair a torn meniscus, osteoarthritis was also realized to exist in the same knee. During my recuperation from surgery and physical therapy, it became very difficult to walk unaided by a cane or crutches. Unfortunately, the orthopedic specialist provided very little assistance beyond the surgery itself and was rendering a dismal prognosis - possibly knee replacement at some point.

It was during therapy that the PT discovered that there was patellar malalignment (when the patellar-or kneecap doesn't remain in the central groove of the femur- or thigh bone) that was causing the problem and much pain. I simply could not straighten the leg nor plant it without experiencing severe pain. Through an extensive 7-month period of therapy and a new orthopedic doctor, I saw new life and continued PT sessions until I was discharged and feeling very hopeful.

The previous therapist had introduced me to dry-needling during the course of my latter treatment sessions. She brought me quite a ways from my post-surgery period. I did, however, know that I would need some periodic therapy when the pain flared up or I began to experience difficulties with the knee and the arthritis. I joined a health club that included aquatic therapy and enlisted the help of a competent trainer, who placed me on a program that has proven quite successful.

But, to ensure the future health of the knee and quality of life, I researched the Internet for a physical therapist who practiced the dry needling that I had come to appreciate the value of. Not only did I discover Sarah's use of dry needling, but in conversation, she laid bare a litany of conservative techniques that she employed. It's as though she thinks "outside the box". I knew then, this was the therapist I would settle on. Upon my very first visit and consultation, I was NOT disappointed in the least. Sarah was welcoming and personal, yet impressively professional - I knew "she" knew her craft. She listened, examined, and in no time, had grasped the crux of the problem. At that point, the magic of her miracle-making design brought together all the concepts which make up the valuable services she offers. In addition to the integrative dry-needling, other manual therapy Sarah has administered to me are... cupping, muscle scraping (the Graston Technique), electrical muscle stimulation, and Kineseo Taping - all of which combined, leave me feeling like a renewed person when I leave her office.

In closing, many people quickly opt for surgery as a resolution to their pain. No one wants to feel the discomfort; neither do I. I resolved, however, that as long as I had physicians who were fighting along with myself, to avoid a long-range knee replacement, I would aggressively seek any affordable measures to make it happen. It is unbelievable the little pain that I experience in my knee at present. I am extremely pleased with the progress I have made resulting from the treaments. I look forward to many years of mobility, thanks to the knowledge & skill Sarah has shared through her practice at Versakenetic. Her extensive resume' only taps the surface of what she actually brings to the examination table :). I would suggest that ANYONE who suffers from immobility and is at a point of uncertainty in their next step, consider reaching out to Sarah; you will not regret it.
~Deb B. (Mar '20)

Had a great time with Ashley. Great conversation, professional, addressed my issues and helpful in getting good treatment for my body to recover.
~Brian (Jan '20)

Sarah gets to the root of what's causing the issue and treats it accordingly. I already felt like I had more mobility when I left the appt.
~Marie (Jul '18)

Sarah has been beyond AMAZING with my daughter! We've been searching for answers for her concussion symptoms for a year now & finally have gotten results! Thank you, Sarah!!
~Crystal (Mar '18 )

Sarah has been a Godsend for me! One of my friends recommended her to me after I injured my lower back. I did not want to take pain medication other than ibuprofen and was not in favor or using muscle relaxers unless the pain was unrelenting....

Sarah assessed my lower back issue after a thorough assessment. The dry needling treatment has helped me immensely! She is very skilled at her craft and this treatment has alleviated my need for any other therapy.

Thank you so much Sarah for all of your assistance that enables me to maintain my active lifestyle!
~Teri (Sept '17)

I was struggling with left hip pain for the past few years. I chalked it up to getting older and didn't really think anything could be done. I was becoming tired of taking over the counter medication and it when began interrupting my sleep I decided to see someone about it.

I was referred to Sarah by a friend. After the first visit I felt amazing. She asked lots of questions and we talked a lot of where the pain was. She gave me home exercises along with her Graston technique in the office that worked wonders. The mobility exercises along with the in-office therapy helped so much I was pain free after 8 weeks.

I highly recommend Sarah. She is extremely knowledgeable, listens to you and makes suggestions to help you get back to where you want to be.
~Stacy (June '17)

Sarah is an extremely professional physical therapist who also provides medical massage, cupping, and a variety of therapies based on an initial assessment. This is way more medically based than your average relaxation massage, and that's a great thing. You can expect to have your issues resolved when you visit Sarah.
~Julie C. (Feb '17)

All my questions were addressed in a timely manner. She actively listened, educated me on what she was doing and why, and gave me a plan for exercises I can do to aid in my healing.
~Connie (Dec '16)

I woke up one year ago (December 2015) and my left leg was completely numb. I immediately thought stroke, heart attack, etc., but there were no other symptoms. I'm 65 and, other than diabetes, am generally healthy. I routinely worked out at a gym. When I stood up there was severe pain deep in the hops. X-rays and a later MRI showed stenosis in the lower spine had progressed since an MRI in 2011.

A pain clinic sent me to a traditional PT twice a week till my insurance ran out after three months. I went home with a set of exercises for home and another set using weight machines at the gym. I'm very consistent with those assignments but there was not a huge improvement. As of April (2015), I still had tingling down the whole leg, deep hip pain and complete numbness five or six times a week until I could sit down and just wait it out. The episodes were sporadic and generally unpredictable. Very disconcerting.

A couple family members had gone to Sarah (VersaKinetic) for dry needling and got very quick results for their needs which were acute conditions. They encouraged me to give it a shot.

The first thing Sarah did during her assessment was to also tweak the home and gym exercises. She confirmed the exercises were appropriate but made some adjustments and added a set of stretches I continue to do twice a day. There was no dramatic miracle fix but I wasn't expecting any. The stenosis is chronic and degenerative.

We started twice a week for Graston stimulation and dry needling. She later added electric stim and cupping. We are not down to a 30-minute session every ten days.

Here's the progress (besides the reduction in treatment sessions): the tingling and deep hip pain are essentially gone. The numbness is down to three or four times a week and only briefly that I can usually “shake off” by standing still or crouching a moment or two.

I spend 60 to 90 minutes a day between the home and gym exercises and stretching. Sarah continues to monitor and tweak all that. A big marker for me (besides the reduction in symptoms) is I am back to my old gym routine three times a week of 30 Minute Weight Circuit (Plant Fitness) and 15 – 20 minutes pretty hard on a recumbent bike.

“Alternative” treatment practices are not my first inclination! But, I've gained a lot of confidence in what Sarah does. If you asked me what I think has had the largest effect, I'd have to say “Yes.” I'm happy to share any more details of my experience if it would be helpful.
~Ron (Dec '16)

Sarah did an amazing job introducing me to new techniques that I have not experienced before. She made me comfortable and explained what was happening through the process. I would highly recommend Sarah for anyone looking to relieve any muscular issues they may be having.
~Loudan P. (Sept '16)

Had a great session and felt better the rest of the day. I even got through my soccer game with little or no strain on my hamstring.
~Laurie (Sept '16)

Sarah's professional approach is very methodical & thorough. Much time was spent in evaluation, both interview/descriptive and physical mobility & flexibility demonstration. Combined with her knowledge and explanation of human anatomy and mechanics of movement helped get directly to the underlying problems. My treatment included isometric exercises, manipulation by Graston technique & a home strengthening program. I felt better immediately- my pain level went from "can't put my socks on" before the appointment to "pick stuff up off of floor" by the time I left. My plan is to continue treatment with her to solve my lower back pain & weakness issues. I highly recommend Sarah, her professionalism & techniques.
~Amy R. (Aug '16)

I have been having lower back, glute, and groin pain. Sarah is a very experienced physical therapists and not only helped but gave me advice on what to do to improve.
~Bruce H. (Aug '16)

I was experiencing trouble with my mobility and flexibility after hip surgery. I was attending some physical training sessions and getting little relief. Sarah was coincidentally also attending some of these PT sessions and offered her professional services to help with my issues. As I found out, Sarah is licensed for physical therapy and helped me tremendously with various therapy sessions as well as providing me with home exercises to eliminate some pain and get my flexibility and mobility in much better condition. Sarah is very knowledgeable and helped me considerably.
~Rex D. (Jan '16)

I have struggled with plantar fascitis this entire year. After about 6 months, I went to my doctor. I did all of the exercises for 2 months and the pain just got worse - debilitating. I chanced upon Sarah. I couldn't believe the relief I had within the first few visits! In only a few weeks, I got up in the morning and could even walk well without first stretching it! I am back on the treadmill and moving again. I only wish I had found Sarah sooner.
~Christine C. (Oct '15)

Sarah is my go to therapist, she helps me in times of need when I have muscular issues that I cannot handle myself through mobility drills and flexibility stretches. Her techniques are quick and effective while working with her patients as well. Her skills with dry needling and Graston technique's are far superior to anyone in the northeast Ohio area that I have found. Sarah is able to quickly locate the point of where the pain begins and knows exactly how to alleviate that pain. Being a personal trainer, people always share their aches and pains with me. I consistently refer them to Sarah with confidence to get them feeling significantly better. Coach Brian
~Brian P. (Sept '15)

Sarah is an excellent physical therapist. I had been dealing with shoulder pain and limited mobility for several months when I decided I should finally seek treatment and am glad I was referred to Sarah. She was very welcoming and while evaluating my injury, she took time to get to know me and understand the activities that I wanted to get back to enjoying, like playing golf and strength training, which I had been unable to do because of my injury. Sarah was able to combine multiple therapy techniques such as Graston, dry needling and manual therapy during treatments which reduced the number of visits I needed to relieve my pain and get back to doing those activities more quickly. Sarah is kind and compassionate and you can tell that she really cares about the well being of her patients. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah and VersaKinetic Therapy!
~Andrew K. (Sept '15)

I have gone to Sarah at VersaKinetic for several physical issues I've experienced. In each case she provided physical therapy that gave me immediate relief as well advice including stretching and exercise to help prevent a recurrence. Sarah is very professional and also very enjoyable to communicate and work with. I highly recommend her!
~John S. (Sept '15)